What's your favorite?

The wines which give you the perfect combination for your dish, or just to drink by its own!

Good food, good friends, good wine

Our brand:

With Favorite wines, you have a great taste directly coming from the sunny country of Spain!

In Castilla-la-Mancha, the environment is ideal to make good wine and moreover, to make your Favorite wine!

Curious? Let’s have a look to our wines to find what you want, according to the dish you would prepare, in order to have the perfect match!tly coming from the sunny country of Spain!


For us, it is important to live more healthy and sustanaible. Why sustanaible? Because we care about the vines and wine in working efficiently and without pesticides and less sulfites. We provide health for people and planet.

That involves to work with honesty and transparency, which are our values.


Our goal is to distribute our own (organic & vegan) wine brand all over the world.

We want to offer you a wine which is good and accessible. We believe in fairness, this is why we combine a low price with a high quality.

Finally a brand to make easy choice: in addition to be organic, you are sure to have quality at a good price.

With Favorite wines, you have a clear/pure/honest/clean concept!

Let’s taste it to let us know what’s your favorite! 😉

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